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Professor Dr. Kamphol Panyagometh, President together with Assistant Professor Dr. Nada Chunsom, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Associate Professor Dr. Jongsawas Chongwatpol, Vice President for Research and Consulting Services and OIA team officially welcomed 1) Mrs. Douangdy Phimvongsa, Director General, 2) Mrs. Phoutsady Phomphyphak, Deputy Director General, 3) Mrs. Phetsila Khamthongvern, Deputy Head of Cabinet, 4) Mrs. Bounthanom Outhachack, Head of Training and Research, 5) Ms. Vanhnaly Khounbathao, Head of Personnel Division, 6) Mr. Amphon Xaysombath, Head of Section in Training and 7) Mr. Ananthala Nakhiangchanh , Staff of Training and Research, Banking Institute, Bank of Laos PDR, Lao’s People Democratic Republic. The event was held on November 29, 2018 and the activities on that day included morning discussion on academic collaboration, and renewal MOU between the two parties at the Meeting Room 803, luncheon hosted by NIDA Administrators at the Meeting Room 805 and afternoon Academic Exchange on topic of “Training Administration and Management” by Ms. Thattawan Anuntagool, Director of International Training Program and Mr. Samuch Sakunasingh, Director of Public Training Program, Siripattana Training Center at the Meeting Room 803, 8th Fl., Prince Naradhip Bongsprabandha Building.
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