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          Students should apply for a Non-Immigrant Visa at a Thai Embassy or Consulate in their home country before coming to Thailand. It is also possible to arrive on a Tourist or Transit Visa and change it to a Non-Immigrant Visa in Thailand.  Although Thailand allows many nationalities to enter for one month without a visa, those arriving in Thailand without a specific visa will need to leave the country in order to obtain the required Non-Immigrant Visa.

How to Apply for a Visa

Non-Thai students need a 'Non-Immigrant ED Visa' for study in Thailand and must have the following items:

1. A completed Visa application form.
2. A passport or travel document with validity not less than 6 months and its copy,
3. Two 4x6 cm full-faced, bareheaded photos taken within the past six months,
4. Transcript/latter of acceptances from the concerned schools/universities or institutes
5. Official Note certifying the purpose of travel from the Government Agency/Embassies and Consulates/International         Organizations/State Enterprises in Thailand
6. Evidence of adequate finance (20,000 baht per person and 40,000 baht per family)

Visa fee

2,000 baht for a single entry (effective for three months) and 5,000 baht for multiple entries (valid for one year)

Validity Period of a Non Immigration Visa

Non-Thai students will be granted a non-immigrant visa valid for 90 days. Qualified persons can obtain an additional 1 year stay permit from the date of entry, referring to Office of Immigration Bureau’s regulations on extension of stay.

Visa extension in Thailand

Non-Thai students can extend their non-immigrant visas before the expiry by submitting documentation as follows:
1. A photocopy of Passport
2. An official letter from Faculty/Institute/College affirming to student status.
3. A one recent photograph (4 x 6 cm.).
4. A completed visa extension form.
5. A visa extension fee of 1,900 baht.

For more information
The address of the Office of Immigration Bureau in central Bangkok is:
Immigration Bureau
Soi Suan Phlu
South Sathorn Road
Thungmahamek, Sathorn
Bangkok 10200
Tel: (0) 2285 5142, (0) 287 3101-10, or (if calling from outside Thailand 66-2-285-5142, 66-2-285-3101 to 3110
Website: www.immigration.go.th
Download form: www.immigration.go.th/nov2004/en/base.php?page=download


Summary of Countries and Territories entitles for Visa Exemption and Visa on Arrival to Thailand

1. Diplomatic/Official Passport (Bilateral Agreement)

       1.1 Period of stay (30 days): 

Brunei Hong Kong Mongolia Singapore
Cambodia Indonesia Myanmar Vietnam
China Laos Oman  
Ecuador Macau Pakistan (Diplomatic only)  




                     1.2 Period of stay (90 days):

Albania Czech Republic  Luxembourg Russia
Argentina Estonia (Diplomatic only)  Malaysia Slovakia
Austria France (Diplomatic only) Mexico South Africa
Belarus (as of 28/12/2015) Germany Montenegro Spain (Diplomatic only)
Belgium Hungary The Netherlands Sri Lanka
Bhutan India Nepal Switzerland
Brazil Israel Panama Tajikistan
Chile Italy Peru Tunisia


Japan The Phillipines Turkey
Costa Rica Korea (ROK) Poland Ukraine
Croatia Liechtenstein Romania Uruguay









              2. Ordinary Passport

                      2.1 Nationals of the following countries may apply for Visa on Arrival:

Andora Ethiopia Maldives Saudi Arabia
Bulgaria India Malta Taiwan
Bhutan Kazakhstan Mauritius Ukraine
China Latvia Romania Uzbekistan
Cyprus Lithuania San Marino  





                      2.2 Nationals of the following countries may enter Thailand without a visa (Tourist Visa Exemption Scheme):

Australia Greece Malaysia Slovenia
Austria Hong Kong Monaco Spain
Belgium Hungary The Netherlands South Africa
Bahrain Iceland New Zealand Sweden
Brazil* Indonesia Norway Swizerland
Brunei Ireland Oman Turkey
Canada Israel Peru* UAE
Czech Republic Italy The Phillippines UK
Denmark Japan Poland USA
Estonia Korea (ROK)* Portugal Vietnam
Finland Kuwait Qatar  
France Liechtenstein Singapore  
Germany Luxembourg Slovak  










                      2.3 Nationals of the following countries may enter Thailand without visa (Bilateral Agreement):

                                  2.3.1 Period of days (14 days):


                                                              Myanmar (International Airport only)

                                  2.3.2 Period of days (30 days):

                                                              Hong Kong






                                  2.3.3 Period of days (90 days):




                                                              Korea (ROK)