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1. Documents required from a juristic person for the E-Passport application
       1.1   The original valid Thai Citizenship I.D. Card, Government Official Identification Card, or an identification card that complies with the rules of the Ministry of Interior. (In case of the Government Official Identification Card, the applicant must bring the House Registration as well).
       1.2   If there is any mismatch related to name/surname or date of birth, etc., which is inconsistent with the original valid Thai Citizenship I.D. Card, other relevant official documents such as Change of Name or Surname Certificate, have to be also presented.
       1.3    E-Passport fee: 1,000 Baht per entry.

2. Steps of reapplication for a new passport  
        2.1    Take a queue number.
        2.2    Present the valid Thai Citizenship I.D. Card with 13-digit Personal Number to the Office’s receptionist. If there is no 13-digit Personal Number, the applicant must bring the House Registration together with other necessary official documents such as certificates of personal name change, marriage registration, etc. for document authentication.
        2.3    Capture the applicant’s biometric data, e.g. height, both left and right finger prints using a scanner, and facial features.
       2.4    Apply for a postage service, if desired.

3.  Pay 1,000 Baht for application fee (plus 35 Baht for postage service fee if mailing service is requested). Obtain receipt and notification of the E-Passport pick-up date.
         3.1  Applicants presenting their application at the Department of Consular Affairs can pick up their e-Passports 2 working days after the application date. If applying for postage service, it will take 5 working days for the passports to be express-mailed to them through EMS.
        3.2  If presenting their application at Temporary Passport Offices in Bangkok (Pinklao and Bangna), applicants can pick up their e-Passports 2 working days after the application date. If applying for postage service, it will take 5 working days for the e-Passports being express-mailed to them through EMS.     
        3.3  Applicants who submit their application at the Temporary Passport Office in provinces and request for postage service will receive their e-Passports within 5 working days.  

          In this regard, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has set up an automatic gate simulation at Department of Consular Affairs on Chaengwattana Road so that applicants can practice using their e-Passports on an automated machine. The Ministry, therefore, urges applicants to pick-up their e-Passports in person so that they can familiarize themselves with the e-Passport and the automatic immigration system. If necessary, applicants may designate a proxy to pick-up their e-Passports and /or request that their e-Passports be express-mailed to them.


4. Public Service Location
        4.1 Department of Consular Affairs  
                 Address:  123 Chaengwattana Road, Laksi, Bangkok 10210
                 Tel: 0-2203-5000 press 1       Fax: 0-2981-7256
                       CALL CENTER: 02 572 8442        
         4.2 Temporary Passport Office, Bangna-Srinakarin    
                Address: Thanya Park Srinakarin (2nd Floor, Zone E)                 
                Tel: 0-2136-3800, 0-2136-3802 and 09-3010-5246          Fax: 0-2136-3801
        4.3 Temporary Passport Office, Pinklao    
                Address:  SC Plaza Building (2nd Floor), Bangkok Bus Terminal (South)
                Borommaratchachonnani Road
                Tel: 0-2422-3431        Fax: 0-2422-3432
        4.4 Temporary Passport Office, Minburi    
                Address: Big C Supercenter Suwinthawong (2nd Floor)
                29 Suwinthawong Road, Minburi Bangkok 10510                 
                Tel: 0-2024-8362        Fax: 0-2024-8361