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Message from the President












It is my sincere pleasure to warmly greet you with this welcoming message on behalf of all the faculty, staffand students of the National Institute of Development Administration or NIDA.


NIDA is a unique institution, offering only graduate study programs that concentrate on the social sciences. Since its earliest days, NIDA has proven responsive to social demands by producing excellent graduates through its twelve graduate schools and many research/academic centers and units. NIDA’s academic programs focus on both theoretical and practical aspects of knowledge and leadership skills in order to provide students with the best foundation for their future careers.


Today NIDA is ready to assume its roles of generating quality research and producing highly qualified human resources, many of whom are now leaders in many professional areas and contribute greatly to the nation’s economy. NIDA will continue to create future leaders with wisdom and contribute strong leaders to society. NIDA will strive towards maximizing the potential to keep Thailand moving forward. Now is the time to seize the reigns of leadership for the betterment of society.





Pradit Wanarat, Ph.D.