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Assistant Professor Dr. Nada Chunsom, Vice President for Academic Affairs together with Assistant Professor Dr. Kanokkarn Kaewnuch,  Assistant to the President for International Affairs, Professor Emeritus Dr. Yubol Benjarongkij, Dean, Assistant Professor Dr. Pornpun Prajaknate, Master degree Program Director, Graduate School of Communication Arts and Management Innovation and OIA team officially welcomed Prof. Claudia Aymar from Rheinmain University for Applied Sciences, Federal Republic of Germany. The event was held on December 16 - 17, 2019 and the activities on that day included on academic collaboration such as Double /Joint degree programs, exchange faculty/student programs, and joint research between the two parties at NIDA at the Meeting Room 801, 8th floor, Prince Naradhip Bongsprabandha Building and luncheon at Meeting Room, 8th floor, Graduate School of Communication Arts and Management Innovation, Malai Huvanandana Building.


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